July 2017

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Now that summer is in full swing, we are addressing topics that are as hot as the temperatures!

July 2017 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members:

Table of Contents:

  • Read offline PDF
  • Research review for professionals
  • White label newsletter
  • Shareable articles and handouts
  • Graphic of the month
  • Special member-only discounts
  • Resources from our store

Read Offline PDF:

Here's the entire PDF version of the July 2017 newsletter, ready for you to download to read offline or distribute however you see fit!

Professionals' Corner:

Article Links With Handouts to Share with Your Clients:

Graphic of the Month:

Editor's Note: 

Recently, Jamie Moser, RD asked me how to find the free white label newsletter that comes in each month’s edition. It was such a great question, and since I want everyone to know exactly how to use this great resource, here's a quick tutorial:

To access the newsletter that you can edit and distribute as your own, click the category titled “This Month,” and then select the month you want (i.e. “July 2017”). From there, it’s just a matter of looking in the body of the post for the link that says “White Label Newsletter.” It’s in the “Professional’s Corner” section. Download the newsletter (it’s a Word document) and make whatever changes you’d like to see before sending it out to your audience.

And it wouldn't be a complete newsletter without one last little treat for you. The code JULY10 will get you 10% off anything in the Nutrition Education Store or any online classes. How will you make the most of this coupon code?

And here are some amazing new materials from the Nutrition Education Store...

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