January Poster Contest Winner Revealed!

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Poster Value SetJanuary's poster contest was a little different.

Instead of holding the contest right here on the page, we went to Facebook to ask you about the greatest portion control challenges your clients face. Each answer counted as an entry in the January contest, and, as always, one lucky winner was on track to get a free health poster!

We mixed things up further by giving away 5 posters instead of 1, putting together an amazing nutrition education poster set that is now available in the store!

Even with all these changes, the fact that I was blown away by your thoughtful and creative responses stayed the same. But who would win the poster set?

Portion Control PosterIt came down to two things: utility and creativity. The winning answer had both! Let's take a look...

Karen Henry Greenleaf wrote,

I agree that restaurants are certainly one of my clients' biggest challenges. And many state that with the price they pay to eat out, they feel they must finish their plate. I'll often point out they can share with their dining partner or take half the meal home for dinner the next day. They often state they had not thought of this. Another challenge for many is they are not aware of what a portion is and not diligent or knowledgeable about reading food labels.

By matching the restaurant portion dilemma with its solutions, Karen really won us over. Plus, she addressed a key aspect of what makes portion control so difficult for so many people. The details of her post were intriguing, and this combination of factors made her entry the most compelling. Karen, congratulations, you've won a free poster set!

Now let's look at some of the runners up in this contest category. These answers were fantastic too!

Portion Control HandoutLeanna Brown Sharp asserted,

I work with a population of intellectually-disabled clients. It is very difficult for me and the other wellness coordinator to educate these individuals in a manner that will stick with them. It is very necessary for continual reinforcement. Posters and handouts are a great way to reinforce our teaching. It gives them something visual to look at and also something tactile to hold onto, which is very important to this population of clients. Many of our clients are diabetic and almost all are overweight or obese. A healthy weight is a goal in everyone's wellness support plan.

How often do you struggle with reinforcing your teaching? What strategies do you use? We were really affected by Leanna's succinct description of her greatest challenge when it comes to portion control and health messages.

Portion Control PresentationOur other runner-up was Debbie Fredricks. She wrote,

A recurring theme with the folks I have worked with over the years is that the correct portions are too small and they are left feeling hungry and dissatisfied. They also struggle with eating out, if the food is placed in front of them they tend to eat it all even though they know the portions are outrageous.

The look of reasonable portions can be discouraging, especially when overinflated portions are the norm. Do you share a similar struggle when it comes to your clients? What strategies have you tried?

If you didn't win the poster set, don't worry! More poster contests are on their way. And in the meantime, why not get your own copy of the Nutrition Poster Set? It's a fantastic resource for any health professional!

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And of course there are tons of other wonderful posters in the Nutrition Education Store. Which ones will adorn your walls?

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