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Food and Health Communications, Inc. is proud to present a marketing platform for nutrition, health, and food professionals.

We have tried every platform from the really expensive ones that are very complicated to learn to the mainstream ones that everyone uses. Nothing has ever worked better than the marketing system that we designed and are now using! The first month we started using it our open rates doubled and our website traffic increased 49% compared to the year before for the first quarter. Our editor was able to setup all emails in half the time. And one of our longtime marketing customers was up to speed setting up emails without any questions. It is that easy and that good!

Our Food and Health Marketing Machine is a new platform that has proven results.

The Food and Health Marketing Machine Platform does it all!

  • CRM. Builds and maintains a house list 
  • Communication. Emails customers with the highest open rates of any system
  • SMS. Sends text messages 
  • Social. Sets up social media posts

No matter which CRM you choose, you will want to make sure you are covering the basics. Here is a check list to make sure you are doing all you can with an omni-channel marketing plan!

Do you:

  • Blog on a regular basis at least once a week? It is a good idea to write and schedule blog posts in advance.
  • Offer a signup form to gather prospects on your website and send them a sample of your work in exchange for their contact information?
  • Book business with customers who are ready to buy now?
  • Stay in touch with people who are interested in you but not ready to buy just yet by email, texts, and social media channels?
  • Maintain metrics of emails on Google Analytics? Our system will title every campaign so you can track your results in Google Analytics! Learn what topics are popular with your audience and show them you are the expert!

Learn more about our platform!

Download a quick guide to setting up and growing your business


Become a premium member today and get access to hundreds of articles and handouts plus our premium tools!

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