Interactive Display Ideas for Family Meals Month

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August is Family Meals Month. Make the most of this holiday and inspire your clients to eat healthfully, all with a single display.

Interactive displays promote engagement, boost information retention, and add visual interest to a space.

To create a display for Family Meals Month, the first thing you need to do is consider your space. Is there an area that can remain safely undisturbed by other educators, gatherings, and projects? Can your clients reach it? Is it in a location where they could spend some free time perusing it? How long will people have access to the space? Under what circumstances?

If your space is easily accessible to your clients, then you can make an interactive display. If the space is visually accessible, but not physically accessible, don’t worry! You can make a regular display with a few simple variations.

Components of Your Display:

Mix and match some of the ideas below to create a compelling and memorable display for Family Meals Month.

  • Photos
    • Include pictures of healthful and balanced meals that can be served to a whole family.
    • To make this interactive, have your clients take pictures of the meals that make them the most proud. Offer supplies for adding those photos to the board and write down instructions for how to do so and any criteria that the meals must meet (i.e. nutrients, empty calories).
  • Recipes
    • Print a few recipes for meals that you know are nutritious and come together quickly.
    • To make this interactive, have clients print up their favorite healthful recipes and add them to the board.
  • Meal Makeover Flaps
    • Cut out a picture of an unhealthy meal and affix one edge of it to the bulletin board.
    • Underneath the flap you created, write a recipe or include a photo of a healthful version of that meal, made over to add more nutrients.
    • Repeat with other meals.
  • Menu Planning
    • Offer an area for people to write down the meals they plan to make this week.
    • Do a sample weekly menu as a guide.
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