Ingredient Spotlight: Whipped Cream, Ginger

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Whipped cream can be a great addition to a healthy kitchen. Although real cream is high in fat, whipped cream mostly contains air and a little goes a long way to bring a delicious treat. A tablespoon of whipped cream is just 21 calories.

Better still, whipped cream can be used to top yogurt and fruit for a constant supply of healthy snacks and desserts that satisfy any sweet tooth.

A bowl of fresh sliced apples with a tablespoon of light whipped cream and cinnamon can satisfy any ice cream craving and with more fiber and far less fat and calories, too! An apple is just 70 calories and with 20 calories of whipped cream you have a delicious treat for 90 calories as compared to almost 300 for a slice of pie!

Want to add some flavor and mighty health benefits to your favorite foods and beverages? Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LD advises you to try ginger.

Include ginger in your meals and beverages – fresh, powdered or candied, ginger has been found to be fabulous for ailments like nausea, headaches and fending off infections – plus it ignites the taste buds.

Use candied for a sweet treat to top a pie, fruit dessert or cereal – or finely mince fresh ginger and toss into salad dressings, sauces or roasted root veggies. The ginger will pack a flavor punch. Use the juice of the ginger herb (available from The Ginger People) – pour into sauces, lemonade, tea, soups – the delicious uses are endless….enjoy!

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