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I'm so proud of the new plating course Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentations that I just have to share a little preview with you today!

The video above, Plating Demonstration: Pork Loin and Root Purees, features real-life applications of the composition lesson about the rule of thirds. The cook will start with pureed parsnips, then add steamed kale, a grilled loin of pork, and carrot puree.

This is a great way to teach people how to incorporate more vegetables into their eating patterns in a healthful and approachable way. With eye-catching visuals and mouth-watering ingredients, this recipe is sure to be a slam-dunk at any presentation, wellness fair, or cooking demonstration.

This video is an excerpt from the course Spectacular and Professional Plate Presentations. If you liked what you saw, consider signing up today! After all, this course offers a great way to bring educators up to speed about techniques to make attractive and modern plated presentations without spending years in a culinary school or sweating over a hot stove in a commercial kitchen.

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