How to Make A Beautiful Salad

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When I created the salad for this poster, it took 3 days of hard work to get a picture of a salad just right. I wanted bright colors, a variety of ingredients and an airy layered look; I wanted it to dance on the plate. Each picture would look okay but not perfect.

Finally, on the third day I achieved the look I wanted. Fortunately I had also decided to take a "how-to" set of photos too and I thought it would be fun to share them here.

Build a base of radicchio and belgium endive. These greens add color and a rich and almost bitter flavor to the salad. By putting them in the base you help build the salad and add height and a layered look.

Add a variety of mixed greens in the center.

Add arugula to the center of mixed greens.

Chop a variety of fresh veggies as thin as you can.

Place the veggies in the greens.

Grate parsnips and carrots over the salad; they add more color, a sweet flavor and the look of grated cheese; plus they add more veggies to the salad.

And here we go - the pefect salad. Topped with balsamic vinegar and a little ground pepper, this salad is full of delicious veggies and free of salt and fat from commercial salad dressings.

I used natural sunlight for this one. It is on a white plate with white background to help put more light behind it.


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