How to Create a Super Salad


The 2015-2020 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that the average person consume 2 cup equivalents of fruit per day and 2 ½ cup equivalents of vegetables per day. That may seem like a pile of produce, but there is a simple way to add fruits and vegetables into your eating patterns to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Super Salad is an easy way to incorporate multiple portions of produce, and it also has the ability to include all of the food groups – making the Super Salad the perfect nutrient-dense meal or snack.

There are an infinite number of flavor combinations, so no two salads ever have to be the same.

To start, choose a leafy green such as baby spinach, romaine or butter lettuce as your base, then add your favorite vegetables — think carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. From there, the possibilities are endless! Check out this handy chart to help you build your perfect Super Salad.

Super Salad

By Beth Rosen, MS, RD, CDN

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