Hot News: September 2012

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A Big Year for Small Portions
How restaurants are shrinking offerings without shrinking the size of the check

One in Five U.S. Adults Considered ‘Healthy Eaters’
According to findings from The NPD Group, eight out of 10 U.S. adults describe themselves as “extremely
healthy” or “very healthy,” yet only one in five have what is considered a “most healthy” diet, with 65
percent maintaining a body mass index (BMI) considered overweight or obese

Taking Local Sourcing to a New Level
Restaurants are going to greater lengths to source local ingredients. It takes more than an onsite garden
or shopping at the farmers market to get customers’ attention. Some smaller chains and independent
restaurants are going to great lengths to cultivate local bounty and share it with their customers

New Consumer Resource -- What’s in Our Food: Understanding Common Food Ingredients
This resource takes the mystery out of common food ingredients by describing how and why they are
used and the U.S. government’s process for determining if they are safe to eat and accurately labeled.

Because Americans love their fast food, the segment has become an area of focus for organizations and consumer groups out there that are focusing on this important issue of health.

Compiled by Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN

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