Holiday Presentation Ideas

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Holiday handouts: Go to our site at and check out our free holiday handouts.These handouts feature A Light Pumpkin Pie Recipe, Holidays Without the Weight, and a Halloween handout.

You may also want to search on past issues of Communicating Food for Health for more holiday presentation ideas, handouts and recipes. The November/December issues are online now.

Free online holiday articles: ARA Copy now has free updated articles for the holiday season. Go to and indicate whether you are a print or online editor. You will have access to many different topics for the holidays.

We have updated our online links to recipes and resources for the holidays. Go to: and click on Holidays.

Here is an from a subscriber: “We will be doing nutrition classes for the community. I've decided to have them bring in a favorite recipe at the first class. Then at the last or 5th class, we will redo it to make it more heart and calorically healthy without sacrificing taste. I plan on choosing one for them to demo that last night with the changes I would make and have everyone sample it!” – Frances M. Lechak, RD, LDN

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