Holiday Party Survival Tips

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1. Think first – “Do I really like this?” “Is this on my list of favorites?”
2. Taste next – Ask yourself, “Is it as good as I thought it would be?” If not, don’t eat it!
3. Eat a small meal before attending special events and parties.
4. Remember your exercise. Special event schedules can disrupt your routine.
5. Set realistic goals – strive for weight maintenance rather than weight loss.
6. Remember that alcohol increases appetite and contributes calories.
7. Make the first drink at a party low calorie; save the high-calorie beverage for the end of the party.
8. Learn the art of saying “No, thank you. I’m full.”
9. Visualize yourself succeeding.
10. Practice moderation, not deprivation.
11. Focus on enjoying family and friends.
12. Position yourself away from the buffet table. Concentrate on the conversation instead.
13. Bring a healthful dish to share. Some favorite ideas include: tossed salad, vegetable platter, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad, platter of turkey sandwiches or vegetable soup.
14. Concentrate on calorie-free intangibles like music and atmosphere.
15. Be positive – don’t give up. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged if you have a bad day. But remember, there is always tomorrow to redeem yourself by eating more salads and getting more exercise!!
16. Prolong the enjoyment; eat a small portion and save some for tomorrow.
17. Think of food safety – refrigerate leftovers promptly.
18. Be prepared for social pressures.
19. If you are the cook, you are in charge of fat and calories.
20. Survey the buffet before filling your plate. Instead of trying a lot of items, fill half with vegetables and then select a few favorites to enjoy.

By Mary Wilson, MS, RD,
Extension Nutrition Specialist,
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

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