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The holiday season is here, and with it comes holiday parties, gift exchanges, and fundraisers. If you're looking for presents for any of these occasions, consider offering the gift of health! Although a tin of cookies is no doubt delicious, it doesn't offer many benefits in the long-term. Why not give more healthful presents this year?

Of course, no one wants a tin of fruitcake when they were expecting double fudge brownies, and that's where the Nutrition Education Store comes in. We have fun and festive gifts that are sure to bring a smile to your favorite chef's face. Check out my top five health and cooking gifts below...

Gift #5: A Colorful Painting: This gorgeous painting of colorful vegetables fresh from the farmers' market is sure to pep up any space. It's bright, cheerful, and popping with color. Check it out today!

Gift #4: The Versatile Spoonula: What's a spoonula, you ask? Why, it's only the most versatile kitchen tool you'll ever need! A spoonula is a particularly flexible spatula that is as good at flipping vegetables as it is at scraping that last bit of batter out of the bowl. Learn more about my new favorite kitchen tool.

Gift #3: A Serious Knife: This gift is best presented in a box with a colorful bow, rather than brandished in the doorway with a grin. Keep the alarm to a minimum and the joy to a maximum with the Mercer Millennia 7-inch Santoku Knife. This knife is a kitchen staple that everyone should have. It handles dicing whole squash with ease, yet is compact enough for more detailed knife work as well. What are you waiting for? Pick up some today!

Gift #2: A Gorgeous Apron: There's nothing better than a fresh new apron to welcome the holiday cooking season. Make every trip to the kitchen celebratory with one of three fabulous new aprons. The Nutrition Apron is my personal favorite, with a colorful design that really shines and a health message that is always welcome. You can also pick up a MyPlate Apron, or buy a White Bib Apron and decorate it yourself! An apron signed by a group of family and friends and presented to the family chef could be truly heartwarming. I know I would love one like that!

And finally, my top pick for a holiday gift is...

Gift #1: Home Run Cooking: I am so proud of this cookbook. Home Run Cooking is perfect for everyone -- from a college student who is learning to cook for the first time to an experienced chef who wants to pick up some new tricks. It's also wonderful for anyone who wants to prepare simple, healthful, and delicious meals. It's the most versatile cookbook we have, and it's gotten tons of rave reviews. Order a copy today, or check out the details about the book in the Nutrition Education Store.

So what are your favorite healthful holiday gifts? Tweet us your top picks with #foodhealth @foodhealth or write on our Facebook wall! or check out our new Pinterest Page: Holiday Gifts for Healthy Foodies

-- Judy Doherty, PC II

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