Healthy Recipe Center is Launched by Food and Health Communications

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For Immediate Release: January 2, 2014
Media and Consumer Inquiries: 800-462-2352

Louisville, CO — Food and Health Communications, Inc has just launched a new online healthy recipe center for nutrition educators and consumers. Professional chef, Judy Doherty PC II, who has a passion for healthy cooking and eating, created the recipes. They have been tested many times and published in a variety of publications, including: Communicating Food for Health Newsletter, USATriathlon Magazine, Diabetes Weight Loss Week by Week, food manufacturer sites and more.

It is always easy to find just the right recipe. Choose from 1,086 free recipes in over 30 categories. Category choices feature healthful ingredients like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans. And they also feature specific months to capture seasonal ingredients. And if you are looking for a meal course like breakfast, dinner, soup or dessert, you can find one that way, too. The enhanced photo navigation is very appealing. This hand-built recipe database focuses on user-friendly instructions, gorgeous photos, health benefits, nutrient analysis, and professionally edited instruction.

Each recipe features a nutrition facts panel and full recipe analysis that is shown in real time from the USDA nutrient database. This makes it easy for people trying to watch calories, fiber, or sodium, to find a delicious meal that fits their health goals.

And if you want to make a meal without going to the store you can search by ingredients found in your pantry to find fast, easy recipes using items you have on hand.

Dietitians and other educators can use the nutrient search tools to find just the right recipe for their clients based on calories, fiber, fat, carbohydrates, sodium and protein. They can also print or email recipes to their clients. And they can create attractive PDF handouts for each recipe. There are 2 categories that are very unique and useful for health educators. The first is a cooking demo recipe category, which features recipes that are recommended for cooking demonstrations. The other category is called Chef’s Favorites and this enables everyone to find the very best recipes by scanning quickly.

Judy Doherty, PC II, who founded Food and Health Communications, Inc, prompted the creation of the new online healthy recipe tool. The goal of the recipe center is to offer some of the most delicious recipes to people who will use them to improve the lives of their clients. Food and Health Communications also owns the Nutrition Education Store for educators.

The recipe database is found on the Food and Health Communications website at Click on Recipes in the top orange bar. You can also access it directly at

View cookbooks by Food and Health Communications, here:


Here is a screen shot of the recipe database:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 9.43.14 AM

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