Healthy Holidays


1. This vegetable is usually served mashed. To keep yours low in fat, use skim milk and use low-cal margarine in place of butter.
2. These red berries may help prevent heart disease and cancer. They are also known for helping your urinary tract stay healthy.
3. This white granulated product is calorically dense. Reduce this in your recipes by 25% or use Splenda instead.
4. Serve plenty of these to add color to your holiday meals. They are high in nutrients and fiber and low in calories.
5. Look for dairy products such as egg nog and whipped cream that are ________.
6. This pie is everyone’s favorite dessert. Make yours lighter by using egg whites instead of whole eggs and reducing the sugar by 25%.
7. This poultry is popular around holidays. The good news is that the white meat, without skin, is very low in fat, about 0.7 g per 3 ounce serving.
8. These green vegetables are a good source of fiber. Hint: they rhyme with trees.
9. Remove this from your turkey before eating since it is high in fat.
10. Remove the fat from this sauce by freezing or using a defatter cup.

3. This new sugar substitute is heat stable and can be measured just like sugar. Use it to save a significant number of calories in holiday dishes and desserts, about 653 calories per cup!
11. Serve this for dessert to add color and fiber to your holiday table.
12. This classic starchy dish can be made healthy by adding cooked rice and a little low-sodium broth.
13. These little holiday treats can really add up in calories so try to bake fewer and make them smaller.
14. Always buy ___?or fat free milk so you avoid the saturated fat of its whole counterpart.
15. This milk, which comes in a can, also comes in a fat-free or skim variety so you can lower the fat of your holiday baked dishes.
1. Potatoes, 2. Cranberries, 3. Sugar,
4. Vegetables, 5. Fat free, 6. Pumpkin pie, 7. Turkey, 8. Peas, 9. Skin,
10. Gravy
3. Splenda, 11. Fruit, 12. Stuffing, 13. Cookies, 14. Skim, 15. Evaporated.

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