Healthful Active Vacation in the Grand Tetons


We are back from a wonderful vacation in the Grand Tetons - Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I hope this blog entry finds everyone enjoying their summer.

Time to share what we were cooking and doing at the camp.


Here you see our tent cabin and kitchen. All so simple! And a great outdoor adventure for everyone.

Snacks - fruit, yogurt and cereal bars. We were camping and hiking in bear country - so no elaborate picnics - food was easy to carry and eat while hiking. But always healthy for us!

Breakfast was quick and mostly the same - quick-cooking oatmeal, hot chocolate (excellent way to get more milk on a camping trip!), instant coffee, toast and orange juice. Bananas, too.

Lunch was mostly a choice of soynut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole grain bread (peanut allergy - so no peanut butter here), fruit, chips, water and cereal bars - all carried and eaten while hiking or a healthy lunch out somewhere while we were on the road.

Dinner was so much fun. First we would collect firewood - no wonder our ancestors were so much thinner - you have no idea how much work that is to run around the woods at 7,000 feet and haul wood back and forth to the camp. But we did find good stuff:

Pasta was the name of the game - it is easy to prepare, cooks fast and everyone loves pasta, right? I added peas and carrots and served it with asparagus, salad and whole grain toast.

Another night we got a bit more elaborate - starter course of salad - a hungry kid eats a LOT of salad while dinner is cooking. Salmon, corn, asparagus, macaroni and rolls. I made the macaroni without the margarine, with skim milk and with only half of the packet of cheese sauce powder (so high in salt). It is spread out on the table for us to help ourselves.

Dessert was rather simple - a make it yourself affair of toasted marshmallows and sometimes more hot chocolate.

What a wonderful way to end the evening - no TV, internet or video games - just good family time.

Our days were very active:

Lots of hiking, biking, jogging, white water rafting each day.

Yellowstone is not far away - and we did get to see some amazing sites there. Hiking the geyser basins was fun - you walk a half mile on the boardwalk - and when you add up how many sites we stopped at that equals about 5 or 6 miles per day.


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