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The government's new healthcare plan becomes available to the public on October 1, 2013. There are lots of great resources that explain the options and payments at, so if you have any questions, check out that site. Whether you're looking for 10 ways to get ready for the new healthcare marketplace, taking an in-depth look at the different types of health insurance, or seeking help enrolling in the marketplace, you can find just about anything you need at

But what about the steps you take in your daily life to care for your health?

Are you doing what you can to live healthfully and stop chronic disease from getting a foothold? After all, many of the main causes of diseases like hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, and type 2 diabetes are lifestyle-related. Yes, there are other factors, but the way you spend your time and the foods that you consume really do make a difference in your health.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, "A healthy diet can reduce the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and some cancers."

In addition to echoing the health claims from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate also asserts, "When you are not physically active, you are more likely to get heart disease, get type 2 diabetes, have high blood pressure, have high blood cholesterol, and/or have a stroke."

Take your health into your own hands by eating a healthful diet and staying physically active. Not sure where to start? Check out the amazing DIY Healthcare Plan from the Nutrition Education Store. This 57-slide PowerPoint show discusses the reality of healthcare costs for individuals, companies, and our nation. It also shows the total costs of major chronic disease. Better still, it illustrates how small steps can improve health and help people save money. It is a do-it-yourself health plan to improve health and reduce health care costs.

What are you waiting for? Get it today!

Of course, there's lots more at the Nutrition Education Store. We're especially taken with these fantastic exam room posters, which communicate key health messages in a colorful and engaging way!

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