Handout of the Week: Beans Instead of Beef


As I was putting together the member-exclusive February newsletter, I stumbled upon this handout that I thought might be useful for you.

You see, this handout is all about the health benefits of replacing the beef in a dish with kidney beans.

A serving of kidney beans (1/2 cup, cooked) contains roughly 20 fewer grams of fat than a serving of beef (3.5 ounces, cooked). It also has 6.5 grams more fiber, and 48% fewer calories than beef!

The second page of this handout features an engaging graph that compares the nutrient content of a serving of kidney beans with a serving of lean ground beef. You can see how beans rock the RDA for fiber, soluble fiber, folate, thiamin, copper, magnesium, and potassium, among other nutrients.

If you're trying to help your clients transition to a more plant-based diet, or simply  hopping to introduce some healthful, nutrient-rich foods to their eating patterns, then this is the handout set for you! And it's available right here, right now, for free!

Here you go!

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