Grow Your Own Micro Greens

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Growing Micro Greens:

Growing Micro Greens At HomeAll you need to grow micro greens at home is a few disposable pie plates, soil, seeds, and access to sunlight.

Fill a pie pan with 3 cups of soil and plant the seeds according to package directions. Water them regularly and make sure they get access to direct sunlight.

It takes roughly 3-4 weeks for your seeds to grow into micro greens. Generally, you can harvest the greens between weeks 3 and 5, snipping them right at the soil and washing your harvest thoroughly before serving.

Micro Green Tips:

You Can Stack Micro Greens!Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your micro greens.

  • Make sure that your container is clean before adding the soil and seeds.
  • Put the greens in a warm and sunny windowsill. South-facing windows seem to be the most effective.
  • Use a mister once or twice per day to make sure that the soil is damp but not soaked.
  • If your greens are long and pale, then they’re probably not getting enough sunlight. They need at least 4 hours of direct sun per day.
  • You can grow more than one type of green in your container. Try broccoli, cabbage, sunflowers, chia, etc!

Harvesting your own micro greens is fun and easy! Let us know how you do!

Grow Your Own Micro Greens Handout

Here is a PDF handout that you can share with your clients!

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