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Food and Health Communications, Inc. is proud to present an email newsletter software service PLUS email newsletter content library for nutrition, health, and food professionals PLUS advanced expertise for marketing. It is the perfect set of tools for custom nutrition newsletters that make you stand out!

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1. You get a proven, successful monthly email software service that is like iContact, eWeber, or MailChimp, EXCEPT ours is better for YOU. This service is:

  • The best platform for email newsletters and broadcasts. The software platform is the best in terms of reliability, integrity, deliverability, and reporting. It's also excellent with spam scoring for health-related messages.
  • Tested by the experts! We have tested many email platforms including one that is three times as expensive.
  • Avoid sending unintentional spam. Did you know if you send out an email with the words "weight loss" that you have a 75% chance of having that email put in the SPAM folder?
  • PLUS you get our sending reputation when you share our server. We are on a premium platform because our open rates are so high.

2. You can get engaging nutrition education content plus a white label newsletter to mail out every month. Our content library, Communicating Food for Health, has all the content you need, including a white label newsletter that you can email out to your clients (or copy and hand out too). The content library as part of the silver monthly service features...

  • Calendar, clipart, handouts, articles
  • Language translation tool
  • White Label Newsletter presented in a Word document - email as an attachment or copy and paste into your own emails
  • Client handouts 
  • Holiday or occasion cards you can email
  • Professional articles for you
  • Recipes with stunning food photos
  • License to copy this material for your own business

3. You can grow and get more service as you need it. This service is expandable and will grow with you.

  • We offer additional professional services from graphic artists, copy editors, and webmasters, who are always happy to help if you'd like a hand.
  •  Add more clients as you grow.

PLUS - you receive a marketing education bonus gift when you join - we have PowerPoint shows (in addition to the ones below) to train you to grow your business as we have done. You get access to our secret sauce. You see, if we help you grow your business, then we know you will buy more posters and PowerPoint shows.

marketingsecretsGet our proven, time-tested recipe for the secret sauce to grow your business!

Take advantage of the powerful and successful email service used by Food and Health Communications, Inc. to grow your business.

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  • Do you want to increase visits to your website?
  • Do you want to turn more website visitors into customers?
  • Do you want to use a white label newsletter to send out each month, so you have the lowest service cost while saving time?
  • Do you want to write and deliver a more engaging nutrition newsletter, with higher open rates?
  • Do you want a custom newsletter written a delivered to your customers each month? Or do you want to have this option later on as you grow? This service will grow with you!
  • Do you want to build your brand and business?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Food and Health Communications, Inc. Email Newsletter and Marketing Service is right for you.




newslettertemplates   parenthesisLGain easy-to-use email templates and a white label newsletter that you can call your own. Have access to amazing content for all of your communication needs.
marketingsuccess   parenthesisLUse our proven email software platform for your email and marketing needs. Make a contact list. Grow your list. Send emails all month long. We know this software is the very best, and we can help you learn just what you need to know.
 experience1   parenthesisLPLUS you will benefit from our experience and our excellent email reputation!
 growbusiness   parenthesisLThe marketing secrets will enable you to increase your sales and gain good customers who repeat their business and refer you to their friends and colleagues.
spamtools    parenthesisLAn effective, up-to-date spam score tool will ensure your messages don't end up in the dreaded spam folder.
reportingtools   parenthesisLAccurate and dynamic report tools will show you what is working.
contacttools   parenthesisLContact tools help you segment your list so you send relevant information to people who want to see it.
generateleads   parenthesisLYou can generate and gather valuable leads from your website. Transform your website visitors into customers!
expandable    parenthesisLThis service will grow your business and it will grow with you. It will save you time and make you look great!


Look at all the features and options this service provides. Choose the option that is right for you and your business:


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Download a PowerPoint Presentation about the excellent performance of the system

Download a PowerPoint Presentation about email marketing to grow your business

Order now and receive a PowerPoint show that will educate you with 5 easy steps to turn your website into a more effective machine to attract and keep good customers.


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Click the number of clients you have in order to order the Your satisfaction is guaranteed. This is a monthly service that can be discontinued at any time. By signing up for this service, you agree that you will comply with the terms and conditions delivered digitally after you've ordered plus all CAN SPAM regulations.

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