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  • Fast and easy to use
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  • Leverage yourself as the expert with omni-channel marketing
  • Automated marketing 24/7
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Food and Health Communications is using this platform and it is the best one we have used in over 24 years of marketing. When we switched from one of the most expensive marketing systems we were surprised that our email deliverability rate doubled and our contacts were not "bounced out" of the system. Now we want to share this marketing platform with our own customers and followers because if they win, we win! Sign up now
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  • No limits to numbers of customers, emails or SMS messages
  • Pay for what you actually use
  • Expand as you go
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  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • No expensive set plans or overage charges
  • Pay for what you use as you use it
  • Email as much as you wish
  • Text as much as you want
  • Schedule emails, texts, social media posts in advance
  • Create and manage website or blog
  • 99% deliverability and best email provider
  • No monthly contract

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Setup includes: import your list, a set of SPF instructions for your ISP, SPF checkup, first email check to make sure you have it set right, our special sauce handout for getting emails into your customer's inbox.

We also offer additional services for marketing platform clients to help them market more: