Grilled Squash and Tomato Confetti

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at edge46805 Grilled Squash and Tomato Confetti

Summer squash is in season! Here is a fun and delicious grill idea.

Simply slice the squash lengthwise in 1/2" strips. Since the squash is young and the stems are tender, I kept them on.

I oiled a piece of foil and grilled them quickly with a little sliced garlic. I kept the garlic in larger pieces to keep it from burning or browning too fast. After the squash was cooked it was topped with fresh chopped herbs from the garden. Oregano, thyme, basil, and parsley were ready! I diced an heirloom tomato in small cubes to represent confetti. Fresh tomatoes are delicious when placed over grilled or steamed vegetables. Especially now that they are in season, ripe, and delicious!

Barbecued chicken and red quinoa were added to this summer-fresh meal.

at edge46881 Grilled Squash and Tomato Confetti

Tips for grilling veggies:

  1. Cut them in slices so they are large enough not to fall into the grill but thin or small enough to cook quickly without burning.
  2. It is easier to grill them on foil or in a grill-safe pan so they don't stick to the grill or pick up odd flavors and residue on the grill. This also keeps the grill cleaner.
  3. Use a spray or brush to keep the oil in a very light coat on the veggies. This ensures they are not drenched and that they stay low in calories, too.
  4. Top the veggies with your favorite dry seasoning mix, garlic, pepper, and fresh herbs.
  5. It works well to add fresh chopped veggies like fresh salsa, freshly cubed tomatoes, sliced chives, or peppers to a dish. The combination of grilled and fresh is very gorgeous and delicious on a table.
  6. Use the leftovers in sandwiches, salads, and many other dishes.

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