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A local farmer's market yielded many different greens. Braising greens, salad greens and sprouted greens. The mustard sprouts had an amazing flavor and they would be delicious in sandwiches and salads. Braising greens were very plentiful and included chard, kale, mizuna, mustard and beets.

I chose a nice variety for a salad that included oak leaf, arugula, mache and mizuna. These may also be referred to as "mesclun or mix."

Rinse lightly in a colander with cold water:

IMG 2180 Greens

Remove long stems and dry in spinner or with paper towels. Place in a nice glass salad bowl:

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Toss with oil and vinegar. Then top with fresh ripe tomatoes. The slices of tomatoes are kept somewhat large to show them off and to prevent the tomatoes from becoming too mushy:

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