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Green beans are always a great treat, whether they are fresh or frozen. Check out the great facts about green beans by Lisa Andrews, MEd, RDN. Use them in your social messages now!

  • The green bean plant belongs to the legume family.
  • There are over 130 varieties of green beans.
  • Green beans are part of the vegetable group on MyPlate.
  • The most popular types of green beans include runner, string type and stringless type.
  • China produces the majority of green beans. It exports more than 15 million tons per year.
  • Green beans contain fiber and vitamin C and are low in calories.
  • The green pod is the edible part of the plant and may be green, purple, yellow or red.
  • Green beans can be eaten solo as a side dish or added to stir fries, soups or casseroles.
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