Whole Grain Sandwiches

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Lean Pockets are now being offered in whole grain versions. The name Lean Pocket, along with the whole grain addition, caught our eye and so we decided to check them out for their nutrition facts.
Our first observation is that each box contains 2 servings but we wonder if most people would eat both in one sitting. Each serving is just 4 ounces or the size of a half cup and a box is about the size of a single serving frozen entree. So, while one serving averages about:
- 240 calories
- 7 grams of fat
- 550 mg of sodium would someone eat that much or double? Our other thought is that if you bring one peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread you would get the same amount of food as 2 servings of Lean Pockets, but with only the calories of one serving of Lean Pockets:  290 calories, 10 g fat and 314 mg of sodium plus 7 g of fiber. We have illustrated this point in the chart below.
For more information, visit online at hotpockets.com.

Compare Frozen Pocket to Homemade PBJ Sandwich
Compare sandwiches and see how frozen convenience food is higher in calories fat and sodium than what you would pack yourself:

Serving Weight Calories Fat Sodium
Lean Pockets (1) 4 ounces 240 7 550
Lean Pockets(2) 8 ounces 480 14 1100
PBJ Sandwich, Apple 7 ounces 290 10 314
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