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The photo above shows how much sugar is in 2 breakfast pastries.

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They say a picture speaks 1,000 words.  While we read labels more than the average person and investigate all sorts of items in the grocery store or fast food outlet, nothing prepared us for this photo shoot. It is not because we spent over $200 on food, or that the studio was congested and busy for days while we discussed, reshot and reshot to get the look just right or the message across; and it is not because there are scribbled notes, empty boxes and piles of papers printed from fast food sites on my desk. It is more because while it is one thing to WRITE about what is in processed food, it is quite another to SEE what is in the processed food! In the end we have a PowerPoint show that is now over 70 slides!!  You can see it in its entirety in a flash file above this paragraph.

The photo below shows the amount of fat and sugar in a chocolate bar:



And this one is striking - more for its portion size - do you really think a hungry person is going to keep the portion of this pizza to just 1/6th of a slice?


And speaking of portions - our way of weighing things is on a postage scale - this big sandwich (from the deli of our store) weighed 18 ounces and we noted it would cost $6 to mail it - way too big!:


We did have a bit of good news - the oven fries we made from fresh potatoes come without added fat or salt - and tasty thanks to the oven crispiness and no-added-salt ketchup:


I think this next whole meal photo shocked us the most - it had over 50 grams of fat and over 3200 mg of sodium for the whole dinner. It didn't look like all that much food yet it was more than 1000 calories - and all foods are common for what someone might choose if they didn't watch our show - 1 crunchy-fried chicken breast, 1 biscuit, macaroni and cheese, and oven fries.


If you choose baked chicken, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and a biscuit you don't fare that much better:


Here is one more that is a good visual for sodium:


The left hand side shows the upper limit for almost 70% of the people in the US (>40 and at risk or having hypertension) or 1500 mg of sodium. The right side shows 4000 mg or what most Americans eat in a day. And while most of that DOES NOT come from a salt shaker, it is enough to fill one. We hoped that all of the foods we chose, which were boxed convenience meals, pickled foods and sauces and dressings, frozen dinners and fast food meals, gave a clear picture for where all of the excess salt and fat is coming in the diet.

After photographing all of the piles of sugar (the pastry and soda photos were compelling in our opinion), it was a bit underwhelming to shoot tiny piles of salt - it is just 1/4 of a teaspoon to add 590 mg of sodium. So, we opted to shoot them in teaspoons and tablespoons - we felt that made it more relevant because no one would add that much to their food.


And now for our plug and special offer  - you see, we work hard on these photos and buying the food, and we don't accept advertising dollars (we don't want our editorial and helpfulness to customers tainted by a handout from a food manufacturer, although we might take one from a produce maker such as the banana company! but we would let you know that!) PLUS we know you all are very busy - and times are tough - and people are stressed so they really want to see something new and compelling. Here is our offer:

Buy our new game which includes all 77 slides for our new game, Get the Nutrition Right for just $49!

But wait - there is more:

  • All orders come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee - you are completely 100% satisfied or we refund your money. PLUS you receive free phone support, lifetime updates and extra little perks as needed - like an extra photo, handout, or clipart to promote our program at your site.
  • We have 1000's of satisfied customers and we love what we do! Why spend the money on the food and all of your time taking, editing and sorting photos or hours and hours on a PowerPoint show? PLUS our dietitian, photographer, writer and graphic artist will make you look professional and allow you to give a compelling presentation that will have clients and attendees asking you for more! Don't miss out!
  • PLUS if you buy the CD or the download, you will get all of our photos from the slides and the photoshoot - there are well over 100 of them - some that were not even featured in the show. Some that are good examples of what to eat and can be used anywhere, like this photo showing 4 pears with fewer than 2 small breakfast pastries:


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Buy this game now and get a CD shipped to you with the PowerPoint with over 77 slides plus over 100 compelling high-quality photos  (PLUS we will add a free download account that has over 8 free handouts and all the time access to unlimited updates PLUS you receive our free toll-free phone support with our materials). Why spend hundreds of dollars and over 30 hours to shop, photograph, research and edit for a PowerPoint show when you can spend just $49 and give your audience something relevant, compelling and useful for their health. PLUS you get a Best Quick Meals handout package so they can prepare better meals on the run!

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