Fun Vegetable Trivia: Spinach

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Spinach is everywhere right now -- overflowing stalls at farmers' markets, on sale at the grocery store, bringing its bright-green pops of color almost anywhere you turn.

Let's make the most of it with some fun spinach trivia!

Fun Fact #1: Spinach was the first frozen vegetable available in grocery stores.

Fun Fact #2: Between 1992 and 2002, spinach consumption rose by 66%! Many believe this was due to the increased availability of pre-washed, bagged spinach.

Fun Fact #3: Spinach is loaded with nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E, folate, iron, vitamin K, magnesium, and potassium.

New Handout: Spinach Trivia

Fun Facts About Spinach Fun Vegetable Trivia: Spinach



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