Fun Vegetable Trivia: Artichokes

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The list of fruits and vegetables in our trivia series is getting longer! Have you seen all these fabulous installments? Each one has a handout!

Today we're going to continue the series with some intriguing information about artichokes!

Fun Fact #1: Artichokes are related to thistles! They're also members of the sunflower family.

Fun Fact #2: "Artichokes are vegetables, which grow as flower buds on plants" (source).

Fun Fact #3: A city in California called Castroville has dubbed itself the “Artichoke Capital of the World.” Marilyn Monroe was crowned "The Artichoke Queen" there in the late 1940s.

Fun Fact #4:  An artichoke plant can grow up to six feet wide and four feet tall.

Handout: Check out this colorful handout we made to help you share the artichoke fun: 4 Fun Facts About Artichokes

4 Fun Facts About Artichokes Fun Vegetable Trivia: Artichokes


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