Fun Fruit Trivia: Persimmons

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Our fruit trivia series continues with another fall favorite: persimmons!

Persimmons are a delicious kind of fruit that can be eaten raw (wait until the fruit is soft for best flavor) or cooked in a variety of breads, pastries, and desserts. Peak persimmon season is about to wane, so get your clients interested in these vitamin-packed fruits with a few fun persimmon facts...

Fun Fact #1: Persimmon fruits often need to be "cured" before you can eat them. A persimmon can be cured by covering the fruit and exposing it to either smoke or near-freezing temperatures, or by putting persimmons in a container with other fruits that emit ethylene gas (like bananas and apples).

Fun Fact #2: People used to roast and grind persimmon seeds before boiling them in water to make a coffee-like drink.

Fun Fact #3: The word "persimmon" comes from the Algonquin language.

Our series also features fun facts about apples, and more fruit trivia is coming your way later this month!



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