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tropical fruits Try a New Fruit!
Did you know that there are many more fruits waiting in your grocery store from what you usually eat? Most people choose apples and bananas which do make inexpensive snacks for people on the go.
Grocery stores feature tropical fruits during winter months. This can help folks get more fruits and vegetables and more variety in their diets.
Citrus - oranges come in an abundance of sizes and flavors. The smaller nectarines make a great treat for lunch or a snack. They are easy to peel but they get eaten more often when you pre-peel them and store them in a plastic bag. Limes and lemons make great accompaniments to fish, chicken, salads, rice dishes and tropical fruits. Other oranges are great when cut into wedges and served as a side dish.
Grapefruits, pomelos and Ugli fruit are all similar in shape and appearance. The Ugli fruit is an interesting shape and its fruit sections apart very easily. The sections taste like sweet lemonade and they are liked by children and adults alike.
Mangoes can ripen during the week and they make a great end of week treat when other fruits in the house are gone.
Many of the other more exotic types of tropical fruit include caneel, papaya, star fruit, passion fruit and sapota. Generally these should be very ripe when served as this brings out their sweet flavor.
Serve these fruits on a platter or with yogurt.
Assorted Tropical Fruits -
From top to bottom, left to right (main image): Caneel,?Sapota, Passion Fruit, Papaya.?Most of these need to be very ripe?before eating - the good news is that?they ripen all week long and you can?eat them with a spoon!
Ugli Fruit -
The Ugli fruit looks like a grapefruit but?its fruit tastes like a very sweet lemonade.?The sections peel apart like an?orange and they are the color of a?lemon.
Assorted oranges -
Oranges come in all sizes and varieties.?The big juicy ones are delicious?for breakfast or an after dinner treat.?The smaller ones that peel well make a?great snack to take with you - peel?them first and wrap them up so they?are easy to eat where you are going.
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