Fruit and Vegetable Challenge

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A Winning SaladWhy should our clients have all the fun?

As health educators, we spend a lot of time making nutrition lessons engaging for our clients. We burn the midnight oil coming up with new games, assembling great displays, and putting together presentations, all in the name of promoting good health and wellness.

Well, now it's our turn.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

What a creative salad!A few months ago, we developed a fruit and vegetable kit for Jan Treftz-Allen MS, RD. Jan was looking for a fruit and vegetable wellness challenge that would last for several weeks. The kit we made turned trying new fruits and vegetables into a fun game that everyone could play. With contests, recipes, handouts, progress tracking tools, social media components, etc, this kit had tons of tools to help guide people to make fruit and vegetable consumption a part of their healthful lifestyles.

But why stop there?

Now we're going to offer the challenge to you.

This contest comes straight out of the Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Kit.

The Challenge: Eat a Creative and Healthful Salad Every Day

Salads Can Be NonTraditionalTo participate in this contest, you will need to eat (and photograph) a healthful salad every day. Salads can replace a meal or be added to it on the side. They can also serve as snacks. The salads don’t have to be a particular kind of salad, though there should be a focus on leafy greens and varied vegetables.

Each time you make a salad, take a photo of it and upload it to Twitter. Be sure to include the hashtag #foodhealthFV so that it will be entered into our contest.

No Twitter? No problem! You can also enter the salad contest by posting on our Facebook wall. Your posts will need the hashtag #foodhealthFV in order to be eligible.

Everyone who lives in the continental United States, tweets or posts a picture of their salad every day, and uses the hashtag #foodhealthFV will be eligible to win the contest. Only photos that are clear and professional-looking will be considered. The winner will be determined by an evaluation of how healthful and creative the salads look. Remember, one unique salad must be posted per day for a whole week in order for any salads to be contenders.

The Prize: Your Dreams Come True

What a great salad!Hey, a little hyperbole never hurt anyone, right? If you win the challenge, you will get a free poster from the Nutrition Education Store. Which poster? Why, any one you want, of course.

So what do you say? Are you in it to win it?

The contest starts now and will run until 9:05 am Sunday, July 6.

Looking to pick out your prize? Browse these posters! After all, even if you don't win, you can still buy any poster you want!

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Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Poster
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Food Allergy Poster
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Blood Pressure Poster
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