Free Nutrition Poster Contest

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ih3 Free Nutrition Poster ContestIt's that special time again! Time to win a free nutrition poster.

We were blown away by the overwhelming response to last month's poster contest. It was so hard to narrow down the responses and select the winners. At the same time, it was such a treat to read such inspiring and creative ideas. Such a treat, in fact, that we can't imagine not having another poster contest.

So. Here we are.

Another free poster giveaway!

This time, we want to feature the incredible I Heart Fruits and Veggies Poster. Since we released it, this poster has rocketed to the top of our list of bestselling posters. It's colorful, creative, and has a simple message that is important to good health.

If you'd like to win this poster, all you need to do is answer one question. What would you do with this poster if you won it?

Would you turn it into a game? Incorporate it into a display? Bring it to a health fair? Use it to decorate your office? Feature it in a giveaway? Be creative!

The contest begins now and will run through September 30th. Then I'll announce the winners in October.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and enter to win this amazing nutrition poster today!

By Judy Doherty, PC II and Founder of Food and Health Communications

PS Remember, you don't have to wait for the contest in order to get your very own copy of the I Heart Fruits and Veggies poster. You can buy your own copy of this poster anytime!

ih3 Free Nutrition Poster Contest

And, as always, the store is brimming with health and nutrition education materials. Here are some other wonderful posters for your perusal...

plantp Free Nutrition Poster Contest
Plant Power Poster
luntr Free Nutrition Poster Contest
Erasable School Lunch Tray Menu
meditpo Free Nutrition Poster Contest
Mediterranean Diet Poster

(the contest is now finished but you can follow others on our Facebook Page)

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