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Make A Healthy Diabetes Plate Handout:

Here is one of our most popular handouts to help patients with type 2 diabetes eat right. Tips are given by Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, to eat regular, high fiber meals plus directions are given to prepare a healthy plate. This handout features a beautiful color photo that shows that a healthy diabetes plate is very appetizing and beautiful!
Diabetes Handout: 10 Great Swaps
This handout has a suggestion for every high-calorie treat so persons with diabetes can make a healthy swap that reminds them of their favorite food. PLUS we have a recipe for carrot cake salad that will help every patient want to eat more vegetables.

Our long time subscriber, Mary, writes, "Judy, thank you very much for all the cooking instruction sheets! They are wonderful handouts that I plan to discuss, copy and handout at any group presentations that may do, as well as to the teachers/staff at my daughters school during National Nutrition Month. I have picked up some great ideas for my own family meals, too"

--Mary Therese Maslanka, RD, LDN, Mount Prospect, IL

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