Creating a Framework for Healthy Eating Patterns

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As a special treat, I'd like to share one of our brand-new Dietary Guidelines for Americans resources with you.

You see, the handout I'm previewing today is normally only available as part of the handout set for the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans PowerPoint presentation. This show comes with 5 great handouts, one for each new guideline. However, the handouts are simply too good not to share, so I'm offering a sneak peek of one below. If you like what you see, get the free PDF and consider buying the PowerPoint, which is one of our best new materials!

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And here's the handout!

Help make it possible for everyone to build a healthy eating pattern.

Layers of Influence:

Layers of influence interact and intersect to affect what a person chooses to eat or drink.

These layers include social and cultural values and norms, which the guidelines define as “rules that govern thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors [and which are also] shared assumptions of appropriate behaviors, based on the values of a society.”

These norms and values are prevalent and can be tough to change, but changes to sectors can help advance healthful choices.

We also have individual factors. Things like sex, age, physical health, race/ethnicity, knowledge, skills, and socioeconomic status all play a role in the food choices we make.

The Roles of Sectors and Settings:

Systems like education, transportation, governments, and health care can play a role in individual choices, as can businesses and organizations. The guidelines assert, “These sectors all have an important role in helping individuals make healthy choices.”

When it comes to settings like home, early care and education programs, food service, food retail, schools, and community centers, the influence can be pretty clear – what foods are offered and what chances people have for physical activity can all play a huge role in health. The guidelines insist, “In combination, sectors and settings can influence social norms and values.”

Like what you see? Here's a free PDF version that you can use today!

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