Go Foods for Better Weight Control

What do GO! foods have in common?
• High in water
• High in fiber
• Low in calorie density
• Low in fat
• No added sugar
GO! foods are high in water content — this means that cooked whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, barley, whole grain pasta are better choices than lower moisture items like bread and crackers. Not that bread and crackers are bad — just don’t make them the bulk of your choices.
Fruits and vegetables are the best of all choices!! They are high in water content and fiber. And they are low in calorie density and fat.
GO! foods include: fruits, vegetables, nonfat dairy, cooked whole grains and lean protein and legumes.
What is calorie density?
Calorie density: the concentration of calories in a given weight of food.
Compare foods by grams, ounces, pounds or kilos:
Item    Calories per pound
lettuce                    77
apple                     224
potato, baked      320
cheese                   1824
potato chips          2432
olive oil                  4000
See how the more refined and higher-fat foods are higher in calorie density than the unprocessed ones.
The GO! foods are the base of MyPlate, too. They are right in line with all of the recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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