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At the American Dietetic Association’s annual Nutrition News Forecast meeting, Lipton Tea presented new findings by a research team from Michigan State University claiming that tea supplies more than half of the flavonoid antioxidants in the American diet. We have highlighted studies in past issues of CFFH that show tea is beneficial for the heart because it reduces cholesterol levels. Lipton has introduced the AOX Seal, a proprietary mark that indicates a substantial level of antioxidants. The AOX™ Seal is unique to Lipton® products and can be found on many green and black teas, including tea bags, new green tea iced tea mix, new Lipton® To Go and most ready-to-drink, bottled iced teas. Tea is a better choice than coffee for your heart. Remember to choose low-calorie tea beverages.

FMI see and the November 2003 issue of CFFH newsletter.

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