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Low Sodium Freezer?

Kashi frozen entrees are consistently good and low in sodium. While frozen dinners are not optimum, these little beauties can come in handy on busy nights when you would rather go out to eat. FMI visit online at

Shop with 3
Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, has a great strategy for shopping when you don?t have time to plan meals or make a list - it is what she calls 3 simple changes that can make a big difference:
1) Monitor your salt intake. Check labels for sodium and shoot for nothing over 480 ? 500 mg of sodium per serving. When you add salt to home-cooked meals or at restaurants, taste the food first ? it may not need salt, after all.
2) Buy drinks without calories Liquid calories account for a big part of the average Americans caloric intake. Not only does it contribute to overweight and obesity, but displaces other nutritional calories. Here are some ways to make lower-calorie beverage choices: choose skim/lowfat soy lattes versus full-fat frappaccinos and mochas with whipped cream. Drink mineral water with a twist of lemon, lime or orange instead of regular or diet sodas. Incorporate tea into your daily regimen ? as it?s a great lowcalorie, nutritious way to begin and end to the day (as long as you don?t add a lot of cream and sugar!)
3) Eat less meat and more plants. Not only will you be helping to save our planet by eating more plants, but people that eat more vegetables typically get more fiber, potassium and anti-oxidants in their diets when they forgo animal products. Designate meatless days each week, experiment with roasting different vegetables (asparagus, leeks, Brussels sprouts, string beans and squash) and visit farmers markets.
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