Food News: Processed Red Meat

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Screen shot 2012 11 30 at 9.59.26 AM Food News: Processed Red Meat

A recent study published in Circulation by Harvard School of Health found that PROCESSED red meats increase the risk of heart disease by almost 50% and diabetes by almost 20%.

  • The researchers looked at the effects of small 2 ounce servings - if you eat larger ones your risk increases.
  • While the increased risk for heart disease and diabetes is much higher for processed red meat consumption versus regular red meat consumption, this doesn’t mean that it is desirable to stuff yourself with red meat - look at our chart above and you will see that lean beef is as high in calories, fat and saturated fat but it is lower in sodium and preservatives.
  • Total meat intake has been associated with higher risk of some cancers, especially colorectal cancer.
  • Protein sources like beans, seafood and nuts are more beneficial for your heart and poultry white meat is lower in fat.
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