Food News: The Price of Antioxidants

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Many foods in the store boast antioxidant contents. The question is, how much do they cost in terms of calories? Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of many antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals and most are very low in calories. Beverages that are high in sugar do not contain fiber and have about the same amount of calories in them as a soda. Pomegranate juice is one example - one cup of 100% pomegranate juice contains 150 calories. A better choice for beverages would be unsweetened green tea. Plus in today’s times, pomegranate juice is expensive - anywhere from $3.99 - $5.29 for 2 quarts. Acai berry juice manufacturers charge even more for their juice which can to upwards of $7-$10 per quart. The same amount of money would buy a lot more fruits and vegetables. Chocolate is another example. one ounce of chocolate is 140 calories. MyPlate states that most people do not have more than 100 calories in their “extra calorie” budget and chocolate is in the “extra calorie” food category because it is high in fat and sugar. Most people would do better to eat more low-fat salads and fruits than to eat more chocolate. Eating healthy is simple and cheap. We think says it best, “Antioxidants are provided by a healthy diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.”

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