Flavored vinegars make great table centerpieces

Flavored vinegars make a great centerpiece for your table. They are delicious on salads and make a great substitute for commercial dressings which are mostly high in sodium and often fat and sugar, too.

Take a look at our photo above - we found a sale on vinegar bottles in a kitchen store and stocked up on a few of them. We filled them with balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and rice wine vinegar. They were put on a decorative plate with a black pepper grinder and a bottle of olive oil. Voila! We now have an attractive centerpiece that always helps us serve a healthy salad!

Researchers found that vinegar helped curb appetite when consumed before a meal - why not have a salad with vinegar? (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (vol 59, issue 9, pp983-988)

Enjoy! This photo compliments of our new macro lens - more photos to follow!

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