Fire Roasted Corn and More!

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Here is a fun idea you can use to make dinner from a farmer's market! In less than 90 seconds see how I took beautiful seasonal ingredients, grilled them quickly, and then assembled into dinner.

A few tricks:

  • Salad is the base for the entree.
  • By mixing grilled veggies with roasted, sliced-off-the-cob corn kernels, you have a delicious summer vegetable medley that is sure to please.
  • The corn is coated with olive oil and topped with paprika, garlic, and hot pepper. I roasted it until it was browned and it smelled like popcorn.
  • The veggies cooked in minutes. I took them off the grill and then grilled the fish.
  • One trick you did not see is that I grilled and steamed the fish. By adding fresh lemon juice partway through cooking, you are creating steam, and the fish cooks faster and more evenly without charring too much.

Here is dessert!

Feel free to share the videos and enjoy!

Here is how it all began:


Here is a download of the preparation instructions. The dishes are so easy you don't really need recipes. Contact me if you have any questions. These would be great for a cooking demo outside!


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