February 2017

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Here's the next edition of the all-new member-exclusive newsletter, redesigned with more research, handouts, and practical tips. Enjoy!

February 2017 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members:

Table of Contents:

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  • Professional article
  • White label newsletter
  • Individual text articles and handouts
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  • Member survey for Nutrition Month
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Read Offline PDF:

Here's the entire PDF version of the February 2017 newsletter, ready for you to download to read offline or distribute however you see fit!

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Professionals' Corner:

Article Links With Handouts to Share with Your Clients:

Graphic of the Month:

Editor's Note: 

February is American Heart Month, and we’re focusing this issue on plant-based approaches to improving health and nutrition.

In fact, this issue of the newsletter is only the beginning. There are tons of materials to support transitioning to a more plant-based eating pattern at https://foodandhealth.com/?s=plant+based+.

We’ve also gathered a collection of heart health resources at https://foodandhealth.com/?s=heart+health. If there’s anything else you need for February, let us know right away and our team will tackle it!

How are you approaching American Heart Month?

Oh! And we've also got a special discount for members this month. Use the code MEM-FEB to get 10% off all orders, plus get free shipping through February! This code works for the Nutrition Education Store and for any of the online courses we offer.

Member Survey:

What are you doing for Nutrition Month? What resources do you need? Let us know in this brand-new Nutrition Month survey!

And here are some fantastic new resources from the Nutrition Education Store...

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