Fat is Calorie Dense

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Low Calorie Density - Choose These More Often

The items on the following chart are all relatively low in calorie density and high in moisture content and fiber. They are also low in fat. Listing foods by the calories per pound is a good way to compare their calorie density.

Category Products Calories per pound Calorie Density
Vegetables all 65-195 very low
Fruits all except avocado 135-425 low
Nonfat dairy nonfat milk, yogurt 180-400 low
Egg whites nonfat egg substitute 226 low
High-water carbs potato, peas, beans, 300-600 moderately low
pasta, rice, barley,
cooked cereals
Poultry & fish lean poultry 450-650 moderately low
lean fish, shellfish

High Calorie Density - Limit These Selections

Fat is an energy-dense food. Olive oil, lard, vegetable oil, and shortening are all in the 4,000-calories-per-pound range. This is much higher than fruits and vegetables and other foods shown in the chart above. If you lower the fat in your diet, you should not replace it with refined carbohydrates like sugar. It is important to choose your fats wisely. Nuts, avocados, and olives all have good fats. Cheese, fatty meats, fried foods and processed foods have fats that are harmful for your heart.

Category Products Calories per pound Calorie Density
Cheese, egg yolks cheddar, Swiss, Brie 1,500-2,000 high
Processed foods potato chips, cookies, 1,500-2,500 very high
salad dressing, candies,
brownies, fudge, crackers
High-fat products chocolate candy, 2,500-3,000 very high
coconut, peanut butter,
nuts, seeds
High-fat products bacon, margarine, butter 3,000-3,500 very high
Fats, oils olive oil, lard, vegetable oil, 4,000 extremely high
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