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Best Bets at the Top Five Food Chains
Top five food chains are McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks and Subway. Here are the best low-cal choices in each place:
- McDonald's: hamburger, apple dippers, yogurt, side salad with small amount of dressing  (McDonald'
- Burger King: Whopper Junior or plain hamburger, fresh apples, macaroni and cheese, side salad with small amount of dressing  (
- KFC: Side salad or Caesar salad without dressing, mashed potatoes without gravy, corn on the cob, KFC Snacker Wrap, KFC Fish Snacker Without Sauce (note: most selections here are high in fat and sodium) (
- Starbucks: Unsweetened tea or coffee, fresh fruit, biscotti, 1 petit vanilla scone (
- Subway: 6 inch Veggie Delite, Jared Salads, 4 inch sandwiches
Main rules of thumb: chicken or fish is not always the best choice, fried food IS high in calories, big baked goods are VERY high in calories,  and most fast food, even the more low-cal choices are not that low in sodium. Know before you go by researching choices online.

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