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Now that we are all on coronavirus alert or even locked down, it is time to make the most of our time at home. Since everyone all ends up in the kitchen for any type of gathering, I created a fun bucket list of things to do so you can keep mealtime fun!

Here is a fun list of ideas you can accomplish in a week. Get your family to help!

  1. Organize the freezer. Put all like items together so you know what you have and can find things. Then make dinner from the freezer items one night.
  2. Go meatless one night this week. Great ideas include chili, tofu curry, veggie burgers, bean burritos, jack fruit tacos, or lentil stew.
  3. Make a big breakfast for dinner. The family always loves waffles, pancakes, eggs, or steel-cut oats. Breakfast for dinner is usually cheap and most of the items are usually on hand. Challenge the kids to make the menu and the pancakes.
  4. No meal would be complete without a fun dessert like dirt and worms. You can use Greek yogurt, fruit, and oreo cookie crumbs to make a healthy "sundae" and top with a few gummy worms. Here is one example:

Download the PDF Handout, Healthy Bucket List and take the challenge! 

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