Fall in Love With Salad

Here are 3 creative ways to present a salad:

  1. Wide – With salads, using a big plate helps them spread out wide so you get a lot of “goodies” on the top. This can be good for a platter that you are serving at a party – and also for a fun presentation, too.
  2. Tall – when making a salad, think tall. Tall could mean piling leafy greens in a high, airy pile. It can also mean a ramekin or bowl that is taller than it is wide. It can also include putting a wonderful Apple Waldorf Salad in a tall glass. Tall is tall!
  3. Cups, bowls, plates, platters – you can use a variety of interesting bowls, dishes and ramekins to create visual interest and to complement the food. We LOVE white plates – you can never go wrong with a white plate.

Did you know?

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines have tightened the reins on the consumption of solid fats, sugars and sodium since 2005 to reflect the advancement in research.

Research still shows that most people do not eat enough fiber, fruits or veggies. Salad is a way for everyone to improve on this. Even picky eaters will almost always find some sort of salad they like and it is very easy and inexpensive to make.

Mix it up

Seasonal salads add interest and variety to the routine. They also take advantage of produce that is less expensive and tastier.

Best dressings:

Fresh squeezed citrus - cut it in small wedges so anyone can give a squeeze

Flavored vinegars and oil - use a drizzle bottle of oil and flavored vinegar

Spritz dressing - spray dressings last a long time

Yogurt - mix it up with some vinegar for a creamy fast dressing

Balsamic glaze - buy or make yourself

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