Fall Activity Ideas

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Here are 2 new interactive activity and display ideas. How will you put them to good use?

Making MyPlate for Fall:

Distribute copies of the Seasons: Fall handout from the post Fall Nutrition Handout and divide your participants into small groups to read through it.

Once everyone has read and discussed the handouts in groups, bring them back together as a class and outline the key elements of MyPlate. Discuss what goes onto each portion of the plate and why, along with how many servings are wise to get in a day.

It may also be helpful to address empty calories, steering your participants to make healthful and nutritious choices. The resources at https://www.choosemyplate.gov and https://foodandhealth.com/?s=myplate may be useful as you put together this small presentation.

Once you’ve covered the basics, have everyone flip over their handouts and draw MyPlate on the back of the page, writing down or drawing fall foods that would fit into each category.

Once everyone has drawn and filled in their plates, convene a whole class discussion and review what people wrote, correcting any misconceptions and highlighting healthful ideas.

If you have a whiteboard handy, it could be fun to list everyone’s great ideas at the front of the class so that people can refer to them later when they need some inspiration.

Fall Display:

Center the fall bulletin board banner in your space, then surround it with timely ideas for local events and activities (turkey trots, group hikes, athletic events, etc) alongside some printed fall recipes that feature nutritious ingredients in reasonable portions. The website https://foodandhealth.com/recipes.php has lots of great ideas to get you started.

You can also add photos of fantastic fall foods and fall meals to the display wherever you need to fill extra space. Take the pictures yourself, source them from the class, or cut them out of magazines.

And now I'd like to present the PDF handout with these activity ideas...


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