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Foodandhealth.com has partnered with the USDA to help get MyPyramid's critical nutrition guidelines into the hands of families, teachers and health educators to help individuals shop and stock their kitchen with MyPyramid. Cooking and meal planning is easy when you have the right ingredients on hand with recipes, shopping lists, handouts and leader activity guides.

Stay tuned for a 3 part series on how to organize your kitchen, shop using MyPyramid and prepare quick and easy meals using the ingredients on hand. Handouts, recipes, quizzes, coloring sheets and video will be here, too!

We are excited because we have been working on MyPyramid educational products since its inception in 2005 and we believe that MyPyramid presents a number of wonderful teaching lessons for educators. And the time is right now for everyone in prevention and wellness to help individuals realize that the best healthcare starts in the grocery store.  Right now you can find a MyPyramid Salad recipe and demonstration guide and puzzle here for free download. And we will attend the meeting in Alexandria next week so we will be able to contribute and keep you posted on updates.

Comments and requests are appreciated!

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