Engage Kids in Nutrition Education

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MyPlate for Kids

It can be tough to teach kids about the importance of nutrition, especially when the material is on the dry side. Yet  eating well is hugely important for children, especially as they grow and play. Instead of staying up all night trying to find a fresh take on MyPlate, why not try this activity book on for size?

The MyPlate Activity Workbook makes it easy to engage kids in their own education! It's packed with fun activities, games, puzzles, and even a story! The health messages are put into a format that is fun to read and easy to understand, while the variety of activities appeals to a wide range of learning styles.

Let's take a tour, shall we?

We need help from Captain Health!The book begins with a funny story about superheroes and villains in the cafeteria of an elementary school. The story addresses junk foods, school lunch regulations, and the importance of MyPlate, with Captain Health and Sir Eats-A-Lot leading the way.

From there, kids can apply what they learned in the story, planning out creative snacks that align with MyPlate's healthful eating guide. There's tons of fun art and a great list of foods to help inspire children to try new things. This page is also great for facilitating a discussion about healthful snacking.

MyPlate ImpostersThe next page offers a game that involves kids finding a bunch of different foods that have been hiding in the wrong food group. While the children are doing this activity, they will also be learning about what foods go in which food groups and why. The game offers a springboard into a deeper understanding of MyPlate, with a way to apply the new knowledge right away. Plus, it's easy to adapt to a game that the whole class can play together!

The last page offers the participants a chance to be artists and ad gurus as they plan and create an advertisement for MyPlate. These ads are fun to display around the room and offer another way for kids to really internalize important health and nutrition lessons.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of the MyPlate Activity Workbook today!

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