Easy Ways to 2 Cups Per Day

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Most people require 2 cups of fruit per day. Show how easy it is to get 2 cups of fruit per day.

Have a contest to ask how people are meeting their requirements - they can provide their strategies and be eligible for a raffle. It is also fun if they share fruit dessert recipes or you can print the fruit dessert recipes from this issue.

Here are some fun combos:

- 1 banana for breakfast, 1 bowl of strawberries for dessert

- 1 orange for breakfast, 1 apple for snack

- 1 cup melon at lunch, 1 fruit smoothie for dessert

Check out the calorie difference in canned fruits. Compare calories on cans of fruit with syrup versus cans of fruit packed in water or juice. Calorie differences for these two items are pretty significant. It might be interesting to see if they can guess the difference before you tell them.

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