Don?t Add AGEs?to Your Food!

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Just in case you needed one more reason to adopt a more healthful diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, you have it. AGEs (short for advanced glycation end products) are derived mostly from animal products and fatty foods subjected to high temperatures. These potentially harmful chemicals may increase the risk and/or speed the progression of a wide variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Take a look at the chart on this page. Note how many animal foods are higher in AGEs and especially the ones that were prepared with high-temperature cooking methods like grilling, broiling and frying.
    AGEs kU/100 calories
Broiled beef    2609
Boiled beef    57
Broiled tuna    2833
Roasted tuna    333
Chicken breast raw    636
Chicken breast boiled    688
Chicken breast microwaved    938
Chicken breast pan fried    2773
Chicken breast broiled    3625
Chicken breast roasted    3750
Bacon microwave    1579
Broiled hot dog    7467
Roasted trout    1313
Broiled salmon    700
Butter    3732
Cream cheese    3086
Margarine    2434
Olive oil    1364
Mayonnaise    1343
Peanut butter     1252
Roasted almonds    1119
French fries, fast food    486
Beans    143
Pasta    143
Apple    26
Carrots    25
Sweet potato    9
Rice    8
Bread    7
Oatmeal    2
Banana    1
Corn    1
Boiled potato    1

5 Easy Ways to Avoid AGEs:
1) Eat more fruits and vegetables
2) Eat more whole grains
3) Cut back on fatty foods and fatty meats, especially ones prepared with high temperatures from cooking methods like broiling, grilling and deep-frying.
4) Use a moist-heat cooking method like steaming, baking/braising with liquid or poaching.
5) Cook with less fat.

These are all tips you would use to follow a more healthful diet, too!
Who should beware of AGEs?
Everyone who wants to be more healthy and avoid heart disease, diabetes, diabetes-related complications and certain cancers.
If you have any of these diseases already, it is mportant to cut down the amount of potentially harmful chemicals from cooking meat and animal fats with very high temperatures.
In most cases these are the same foods you already need to limit to lower body weight and improve cardiovascular disease risk factors.

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