Does Your Kitchen Need A Makeover?

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Screen shot 2012 11 30 at 10.42.23 AM Does Your Kitchen Need A Makeover?Take our makeover test:

  1. I have enough food right now to make meals for the next 2 days.
    a) true, or b) false
  2. My knives are sharp enough to cut a tomato and big enough to cut a melon.
    a) true, b) false
  3. I have a big clean cutting board that doesn’t slip.
    a) true, b) false
  4. I have enough room on the counter right now to make dinner without shuffling things.
    a) true, b.) false
  5. My freezer is full of things that no one would ever eat.
    a) true, b.) false

If you answer false to more than one item above, you need a kitchen makeover. Read below.

Do you want to be able to eat healthy every day? And to put out a meal fast? Then it is time for a kitchen makeover. Here are 5 ways most people’s kitchens sabotage their efforts to put out a healthy meal quickly and easily:

  1. FOOD - you have to have the right food on hand so you can cook/eat instead of reheat or go out. Veggies in the freezer, grains in the pantry, salad and fruit in the refrigerator. Remember those four items and you can always make something tasty quick.
  2. CUT - how can you cut anything if you don't have a good cutting board and knife? You need a few sharp knives and a good non-stick cutting board. Serrated knives are cheap and they never go dull. Better still are the plastic ones you can put in the dishwasher. Cutting boards are now available with nonstick corners and they are also plastic for the dishwasher.
  3. COOK - you have to be able to cook faster and lower in fat - what 3 things do you need? A nonstick skillet, a microwave and a toaster oven. These three things can really make a difference. A nonstick skillet can prepare most of the meals you make. A microwave is essential for vegetables that are cooked quickly in little water - this way you preserve your patience and the color and flavor of the food. They are also great for reheating things. And the toaster oven is great for browning, broiling and baking quickly.
  4. WORK - how are you going to get anything done if you don't have room to work? Clear off the counters and make sure you have room for the three key areas of your kitchen: preparing, cooking, cleaning. It is even better if these areas can be separate.
  5. FUN - if you have plates, cups and serving pieces that look good and and are enjoyable to use, you just might be tempted to cook more often.

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